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Day guests:

The doggy daycare: drop off your pooch in the morning and pick him up at night. Go to work completely relaxed knowing your dog is in good hands and is well accommodated and cared for.  


Overnight guests:

You want go on vacation by plane, have to business-travel or have to go to rehab? Your dog will enjoy his “farm holidays” at the same time with his friends.    


Day guests 15 EUR per dog / per day
Overnight guests 25 EUR per dog / per day incl. food
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Alexander is living VEGAN. Thus, by now we also mainly feed our dogs with the vegan food Ami Dog & Yarrah.
Yes, this works! This feeding method reached tremendous success especially with dogs having a tendency to allergies. If you have any problems with our vegan food, of course you can bring your own food. Please store it in a sealable plastic Tupperware box with your dog’s name on it and a feeding recommendation.