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We answer the FAQs so you will have all needed information for your dog already before your first visit on our premises. The answers to the questions appear if you click on the little plus-sign or on the question directly.

In case of any questions which could not be answered by our FAQs please send us an e-mail containing your questions to info@hundepensionwuff.de

What are the boarding costs?

Day guests 15 EUR per day / per dog
Overnight guests 25 EUR per day / per dog incl. food

Can I use the online booking system if my dog has never been to the Hundepension before?

Unfortunately no. We invite new customers to stop by beforehand to get to
know each other, an extra appointment is not necessary.

At which age is my dog allowed into the Hundepension for the first time?

As soon as possible, if the dog is old enough to stay in your home, he/she can also become familiar with life in a pack.

What kind of equipment do I have to bring, if my dog will stay overnight?

Vaccination certificate, blanket, dog

Are the kennels heated during winter?

Yes, we have two big wood and briquette heaters

How many hours can the dog run around freely in the premises?

Monday – Friday 12 hours a day
Weekend approx. 8 hours a day

Is my bitch allowed to come while in heat?

Unfortunately no.

Does my male dog have to be neutered?

No, but he must feel relaxed in groups.

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